Culture Shift

In response to the significant recent changes in the political and economic landscape in the UK our client, a large and complex local authority, embarked on a significant and radical Improvement Plan for transformation.

The programme defined and delivered a new way of working which developed leadership capability, connected people, built trust, and energised employees to boost performance. Initially focusing on defining what organisational culture was needed, the programme required a number of work streams designed to radically improve the people processes and systems across the organisation and to build capability and capacity in the Council’s workforce.  These work streams included:

  • Making explicit the values and behaviours necessary for lasting performance improvement.
  • Recruiting and training 200 Change Champions to embed new ways of working in the workplace.
  • Enhancing the Council’s capability to manage change and transform services.
  • Developing and delivering a Leadership Development Programme for the executive leadership team and all tier 2- 4 managers.
  • Redesigning the Council’s people processes and systems to ensure they are fit for purpose.
  • Designing and delivering with the Council’s Workforce Development teams a ‘Learning for All’ strategy for all Council employees to shift the culture and develop capability for new ways of working.
  • Supporting teams to think and behave differently and to redesign services.

The programme received an overwhelming response from staff across the organisation, who have reported a significant uplift in morale, an increase in their confidence to manage the changes and challenges facing them and their services.

Through the numerous benefits and successes delivered through programme the Council was awarded the LGC Most Improved Council of the Year Award.

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