Leadership Development

Our Client recognised that its operating landscape has shifted significantly.  Not only is the old way of doing business unaffordable, it is no longer relevant to its communities.  Their new world calls for a very different style of leadership.  Someone who has excelled as a manager for 15 years is not equipped with the skills and mindset to succeed for the next 10 years.

Recognising this resulted in TDP working with our client to design and deliver a game-changing leadership development programme initially for the top 120 executives and senior leaders and subsequently for all managers across the business.

Involving initial psychometric profiling and one-to-one coaching and development the blended approach has included high impact group learning events, bite sized short programs and on-line learning support as well as the creation of wider Leadership networks across the business focused on meeting collective leadership challenges.

The impact has been significant with a major shift taking place in leadership style, increased staff engagement, increased collaboration within the business and across partner organisations.

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