Organisation Design

TDP have a long-standing consultancy relationship with one of the largest international healthcare groups and have supported them in the re-design of their functional operating models and the related organisational designs. This includes the recent transformation of their UK sales and marketing function.

The approach to the re-design of the function was informed by their motivation to service customers more effectively through a segment model which allowed greater focus on customer experience and the creation of a single customer view. TDP used an engagement-led approach to the development of the new functional model, involving staff, stakeholders and customers in a consultation process about the new operating model.  The team went on to develop a refreshed organisational design with more efficient spans and layers and a clear set of accountabilities and decision rights allied to new roles to enable more effective service delivery to the customer and clearer performance expectations within the business. By using a consultative approach which fully engaged the sales and marketing population we successfully implemented the new design  whilst minimising impact on short-term business performance.

TDP have a strong reputation for managing large-scale organisational design projects including those which have significant change management demands including downsizing. By using our established methodology working with our team of highly skilled and experienced consultants, we have the credibility and sensitivity to be able to deliver these business outcomes successfully.

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