Benenden Health

Benenden Health is a mutual company which has provided discretionary healthcare services for over 100 years. TDP supported a significant programme of leadership development in order to achieve and sustain the business, and prepare their people for the journey.

Through an initial diagnostic, we identified the key aspects of their organisational culture not conducive to achieving the goals of the organisation. Our team worked with the HR and OD team and internal stakeholders at different levels within Benenden, to co-create a new set of values. We underpinned this with a much more simplified framework of behaviours written in language that was clear and easy to apply to day-to-day work, anywhere in the organisation.

TDP designed and facilitated the Inspirational Leadership Programme, initially rolled out to the Group Executive and SM in Phase 1, then adapted and delivered to all line managers across the organisation in Phase 2. The Programme provided participants with skills and confidence to handle challenging conversations, deal with conflict, lead and manage change on a personal and organisational level, driving up engagement across the business.

TDP worked with internal learning and development colleagues to co-create a bitesized Cultural Orientation event. This introduced the new values and helped people connect the roles they undertake with their contribution to the organisation. The highly engaging and interactive half-day session encouraged the development of shared goals and objectives, building trust and information sharing, and the need to work together to achieve collective success. The individual and collective outputs of these events reinforced the themes and behaviours that would shape the desired organisational culture that colleagues had described, during the discovery phase of diagnostic work.

Throughout our work, TDP built internal capability within Benenden. Phase 3 of the programme was delivered by Benenden’s own L&D team who underwent a comprehensive Train the Trainer process as part of the deployment.

Benenden have seen engagement scores steadily increase over as a direct result of the work with TDP. They have recently achieved Best Companies accreditation for their level of workplace engagement, spearheaded by their SMT working more collaboratively and putting their new approaches, ways of thinking and behaving into practice.