Breckland and South Holland Council

TDP have recently worked in partnership with Breckland and South Holland Council in the design and delivery of a Leadership Development Programme aimed at building leadership understanding and capability. In addition, the programme addressed key issues that face the Councils through a shared management model. All Chief Officers and Senior Officers participated in the programme which was designed to have real impact in Breckland and South Holland. 

The programme contains core group learning events, individual coaching, as well as work-based learning activities both within the Council’s and in wider organisational settings. It aimed to stretch and enhance the performance of all participants and has resulted in clear benefits for the two organisations and their communities through shifting mindsets, building new skills, and driving the culture change required for sustainable improvement in service delivery. 

The programme is grounded in the specific context of the two organisations, the shared management structure and the challenges faced by each role. Also included in the programme is an integrated stream of work focused on developing High Performing Teams across the Authorities, complementing the development of the senior leadership team working across both Councils.