Bristol Water

TDP are currently working with Bristol Water to enable them to lead and work more effectively with their partner company Kier Group. Their Network Maintenance contract needs to deliver the best customer experience for the Network operations. It is critical the two organisations pull together, as one leadership team, to deliver the step change needed in performance for the duration of their contract. The work is part of a wider transformation programme that will set out best practice, ways of working and equip Bristol Water for sustainable success, for this and future contracts.

TDP undertook a cultural diagnostic for both the Bristol Water and Kier teams working on the contract, with specific focus on a comprehensive picture of the key operational and leadership challenges. Having established the challenges, it became clear that alignment of leadership direction and capability was not consistent, and would a key factor in the continued success of the contract.

Working with 60 of their key leaders and managers, we have designed a series of integration workshops which will establish agreed and consistent approaches to the core operational processes and deliver a set of priority actions for improvement. We are delivering a series of cross functional Leadership Development workshops, designed to equip leaders to think, act and react differently to ensure the successful delivery of the contract. The workshops include a focus on mindset and authenticity, cultural impact of leadership behaviour and the ability to lead and engage for positive results even when emotions run high and the pressure is on.

Our work to date with Bristol Water and Kier have established procedural improvements, improved buy-in and leadership mindset amongst their critical leadership population. Participants have a clearer leadership identity, understand how best to engage, collaborate and seek mutually beneficial outcomes to key interactions and decisions.