Dean Clough Foundation

TDP designed and delivered the Dean Clough Foundation Customer Team Training and Development Programme. Participants attended a series of interactive and engaging events, designed to provide learning outcomes that meet the specific criteria of the brief over the course of a six-week period. The programmes aim was to support a number of short and long-term business benefits that were realised as a result of this programme. These included:

• Uplift in levels of team engagement through improved understanding and demonstration of positive team and customer focused behaviours.

• Improved customer experience across the site due to increased clarity and focus of the team achieving outstanding customer service at both individual and team level.

• Developing capability to be able to distinguish great team behaviours and positive customer relationship, and understanding when and why it is important to balance the two.

• Gaining the skills to influence customers and colleagues through individual behaviours, and creating a strong team and customer focused culture in Dean Clough Customer Team.

• Team managers knowing what they need to do to ensure that they lead their people through change, and challenging times.

Participants gained an understanding of the importance of engagement with Customers and developed and practiced the skills required to create successful customer interactions. With particular focus on communication and rapport building, the programme focused on effective relationship skills tailored to people’s specific roles. Participants mapped out the key people who they have customer interactions with, and using our solutions, participants created a live plan of how best to use their skills to engage with different types of customers effectively.

Dean Clough has undergone significant change, and like all modern businesses will continue to do so as the marketplace evolves. Our programme assisted participants to make the links between change theory, and the key customer skills required to be successful in their role.