Government of Jersey

We are the cultural transformation partner for the Government of Jersey (GoJ). TDP were appointed in September 2018 to create a ‘One Government, Team Jersey culture’ across the entire public service, including Health and Community Services. TDP is working with the Government for three years to help shape a positive workplace culture and develop its leadership capability across organisational and departmental boundaries to deliver the One Government culture transformation agenda.

The first phase of our work has been to identify which aspects of workplace culture are positive and can be built upon, and which need to change. This discovery phase involved conversations with leaders, employees, politicians, parish representatives, stakeholders and Jersey residents to determine the prevailing view of the public sector, and to help devise the direction of the transformation programme. Culture change is central to the transformation the Government of Jersey is seeking to achieve over the next five years. It will help define and deliver a positive workplace culture that connects people and services, builds trust with citizens and energises and upskills colleagues to be able to work at their best. We recognise, however, that people’s views and perceptions of existing organisational culture are influenced by their current experience and the uncertainty that large-scale rapid organisational change inevitably brings. We believe that we needed to create an engaging and inclusive approach to gathering the views of the leaders within the organisation.

We provided an opportunity for Ministers, the Chief Executive and the Board to have a structured conversation with us about their perception of the culture that they work in. The Board were asked to talk about what they believe they and the GoJ should stop doing, what they and the organisation should start doing and what they and the organisation should continue to do and improve on to create a positive culture. We also asked the Board to talk about what helped them be their best at work and what stopped them delivering their best. We conducted one-to-one interviews with 48 senior leaders within the organisation to understand their perception of the workplace culture and their views on the systems and processes that are live in the organisation. In addition to these, we ran a series of 10 larger events which brought together Board members, managers and public sector colleagues from across all government departments. In total 752 people contributed their views.

In April 2019 TDP provided the Government of Jersey with an evaluation report into the organisations culture. We provided recommendations about the organisation’s values, how to build on-island capability to support positive culture and how to become a learning organisation where people thrive and contribute effectively to the organisation’s outcomes. On completion of the report we were asked to design and deliver a leadership development programme.

Our findings had a direct impact on the design and development of our learning interventions. Whilst all leaders and managers will attend the leadership programme, we designed a regular series of additional sessions over the next 2 years of the programme to ensure that senior leaders are kept informed of progress and are seen to be accountable for sustaining a positive workplace culture. The programme has been designed on our findings with our interventions focused on the skills and behaviours needed in creating a positive workplace culture including leading change, enhanced communication and creating high-performing teams. The programme will be part of the wider approach to strengthening leadership capacity and capability in the GoJ.