Greater Manchester Police

Assessment Centre Design & Onboarding Programmes

TDP successfully partnered with Greater Manchester Police (GMP) from 2006 to 2011. TDP designed and delivered the GMP Prospects programme, which was a 3-year Talent Development Programme for Police Officers and Police Staff. This included a recruitment assessment and selection centre and the onboarding programme for all staff.

TDP designed a new assessment solution for promotion of Police Officers. With good design and careful planning, our assessment centre was capable of putting candidates into demanding and realistic simulations. TDP’s design expertise and delivery track record ensured that all candidates demonstrated their capabilities. Replicating the real life demands of a role require the design of exercises to be accurate, realistic, and calibrated to the right level. TDP’s approach to the analysis and design of exercises, including the testing and validation of new material, formed the basis of our quality simulation.

TDP used role players/actors, both for development and assessment. Working with a well-designed exercise and defined characteristics of the scenario, TDP ensured that our actors were not just familiar with the role brief and context, but have practiced thoroughly. This was key for the authentic and realistic interaction with a GMP candidate, and enabled our assessors to observe as close to real life job performance as possible. Our role players were selected not only on their acting skills and experience, but also their management and development practitioner skills. This provided a real insight into how to carry out the role play, but also greatly aids the assessor observation and ultimately the candidate feedback process.