HM Prison and Probation Service - HMP High Down

TDP worked with the Governor and Heads of Function at HMP High Down to provide support and leadership development for an ambitious prison to help them move from operating a successful day-to-day regime, to agreeing, planning for and delivering medium- to long-term strategic objectives. Alongside this, we worked with the senior team to shape the creation and cultivation of positive culture that prioritises safety, security and decency in the Establishment.

As a Senior Leadership Team responsible for the direction of the prison, it is crucial there is clarity, alignment and buy-in across the group. TDP helped the leadership team to clarify the vision for the Establishment, against the backdrop of challenges and shifting landscape in the justice sector, as well as the economy, and society as a whole.

We shared broader trend research and insight to help HMP High Down to identify, plan for, mitigate and face into these future challenges, create a strong sense of future history and create a structured plan to engage teams to follow them. Using the most recent research into organisational culture, we helped the leadership of the Prison to identify the influential behaviours that shape the culture within a prison, and designed a comprehensive, psychometric-led development programme that supported the outcomes they were looking for.