Westminster City Council

TDP worked with Westminster City Council (WCC) to address the significant challenges facing local government over the past 5 years. Financial constraints coupled with increasing demands and expectations meant that WCC needed to think, act and deliver services differently in order to continue to thrive and succeed for service users - residents, visitors and local businesses. One of the critical enablers in WCC was leadership capability. We worked alongside their OD specialists to design Leading the Westminster Way, a programme of development for the 120 most senior leaders in the Council, including the Chief Exec.

We worked with the client to establish and set up The Learning Academy, situated in the heart of the Borough of Westminster, and the hub for all face-to-face group activity, including this programme of development. The sessions we designed took the approach described in, providing participants with insight, tools and skills to engage their people in leading the required cultural change.

The programme was so successful that it was deployed to all leaders and managers across the Council. TDP also worked with the client to redesign key elements of the programme to create the Working the Westminster Way programme, which is aimed at all frontline colleagues across the whole council.

The impact of this, alongside the rest of the cultural change initiatives (both TDP-led and internal) have dramatically changed the culture of the Council for the better. Participants repeatedly say that they feel far more confident, engaged, and capable of making decisions for the good of the Council and their communities.

As well as a number of other positive metric uplifts, the Council has seen a sustainable and significant increase in staff engagement scores year on year in the years the Programme has been running.