Change Leadership

Our Change Leadership model is a structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organisations from a current state to a desired future state, to fulfil or implement a vision and strategy. We ensure that your organisational process is aimed at empowering employees to accept and embrace changes in their current environment.  There are several different streams of thought that have shaped our Change Leadership model.

A change effort or initiative must start with a vision.  Whether change is prompted by external (political, economic, social or technological) or internal factors (policy, systems or structure), creating a clear vision will clarify the direction for the change.  A strategy will ensure that the vision is achieved.  It is a unified, comprehensive and integrated plan that provides a “roadmap” for achieving the vision.  Without a strategic plan and vision, the change effort will not be successful.    Our experience shows us that leaders have a critical role to play in managing change. Understanding the roles and responsibilities that you and others play in the change effort is essential.  TDP can provide you with clarity on the expectations, project scope and responsibility for each contributor and co-design and build a change team to deliver the desired outcomes.

Resistance to change is the largest obstacle that leaders are faced with when initiating a change effort.  It can be very damaging to the process and can potentially stall the efforts to move forward if not addressed appropriately.  There are many reasons why an employee may resist change, we will be sensitive to how individuals respond while keeping in mind that the process of commitment and acceptance takes time.  Our model reviews the emotional impact of change over time and the leader’s role and we focus on the difference between change and transition whilst supporting both.

TDP supports and encourage your staff throughout the change journey.  We recognise that transition is not linear and therefore, those that are impacted sometimes will go through the transition process at different speeds and in different ways.  Our proven experience and skills in communication, listening and coaching are pivotal in identifying how to support your staff, both as individuals and as a group, so they can move through the phases as quickly and effectively as possible.

Behavioural change is one of the strongest themes and requirements from our clients. Whether it is to drive a cultural and behavioural shift, lead and embed organisational transformation, or implementation of a new operating model and working methods, most of our clients require their leaders and managers to behave differently to achieve their specific objectives.