Culture Change

We define organisational culture as the attitudes, behaviours and beliefs that are prevailing in the organisation and which are experienced by colleagues, partners, customers and stakeholders. We recognise that there is often a range of cultures experienced in different parts, or in different teams across organisational boundaries.

We focus our work on what is perceived to be prevailing cultural themes and TDP has a strong track record of successfully partnering with organisations that are seeking cultural change. Our process of Discovery, Design and Delivery enables us to accurately assess and describe current state, make recommendations and suggestions, and work with client organisations to design and deliver solutions.

As an example of our work, we are the current cultural transformation partner for the Government of Jersey (GoJ). TDP were appointed in September 2018 to create a ‘One Government, Team Jersey culture’ across the entire public service, including Health and Community Services. TDP is working with the Government for three years to help shape a positive workplace culture and develop its leadership capability across organisational and departmental boundaries to deliver the One Government culture transformation agenda.

Culture is often described as ‘the way we do things here’. The right organisational culture has a significant impact on how an organisation performs, and it often takes a moment in time for organisations to think about a cultural change. But as economic, political, social, employment and technological landscapes shift, organisations are required to respond. If they are to thrive, often the ways in which people lead, manage and work will need to change as well.