Human Capital

We work with you to design and shape your organisation to create the best environment for your people to operate at their best, delivering high performance and engagement. Creating the best designed organisation for your business to thrive is a challenge in a landscape that requires constant attention.

Getting your HR & OD right will empower you to deliver your strategy and goals against your financial and operational targets. It gives opportunity for talent to flourish, sets the right ways of working, streamlines processes and improves decision-making – which all result in saving cost and being more efficient. We help you set standards across the business to make your strategy a reality. We’ll work with you to get the right people in the right place doing the right things to drive performance.

An example of our work, we partnered with The Yorkshire Building Society to deliver a transformational change programme as part of their 5-year plan. TDP partnered with YBS for 18 months to design a new set of business wide structures that created efficiencies and new ways of working for all YBS colleagues. The complexity of the work required TDP to develop a delivery model that focused on initiation, mobilisation, design and implementation across multiple workstreams. The focus was to ensure the impact on colleagues and customers was front and centre with TDP working collaboratively to minimise the disruption. We didn’t just create new ways of doing this and walk away, we supported, trained and worked with the wider exec and people team to deliver the best colleague and customer experience possible.

Successful organisations harness the skill and passion of their people towards a shared goal. Structuring your business is more than about hierarchies and lines, it’s about creating the right environment to deploy your capabilities that equips, enables and empowers your people to deliver high performance.

TDP can help you to fully understand your organisational makeup, identify and assess the level of your organisational capabilities, highlighting areas of strength and opportunity. We will then work with you to construct a refreshed organisation structure to equip and enable your people to develop business changing products and deliver world class customer service/deliver strong business result/high performance. TDP’s strength is in forging strong partnerships with your executive teams, leaders and employees to be the catalyst for mindset, behavioural and operational change.