Leadership Development

 We believe that great organisations are built by great people. We understand the difference between managing people and leading people. We know that being a great manager involves reacting to change, managing difficult situations and getting results, however being a great leader involves proactively looking for change, creating situations that evoke a positive response from others and inspiring people to produce results whilst understanding their own involvement in the wider strategy of the organisation.

We work with large impactful visuals, creating sessions that combine short pieces of input, physical movement, gamification, syndicate work and peer-to-peer, shared knowledge. Our experience of developing senior leaders often highlights the need for a more individualised approach to personal learning including the use of psychometrics and 1-1 coaching which provides this opportunity. It promotes deeper, personal reflection which impacts on the core areas of individual values and beliefs that drive specific behaviours and leadership practice. We have a team of highly skilled facilitators with significant experience across business sectors and industries who can introduce leading edge concepts. We use this experience using stories and metaphors which hold participants’ interest and challenge their preconceptions. We make links to real world application so that what is discussed in our learning events can be used immediately back in the workplace.

We are experts in creating unique face to face learning solutions. The learning environments and content we develop and design have a significant and lasting impact, enabling our clients to achieve their outcomes. We understand how adults learn best. We understand the processes in the brain when individuals want to create new habits or new ways of thinking and behaving. By tapping into these processes, we can make changes to professional and leadership practice that stick. The feedback we get from clients confirms that we are different, and it is precisely this difference that allows our participants to explore the subject matter at hand whilst feeling psychologically safe to engage and be themselves. We meet people where they are at, allowing space for learning whilst challenging current thinking, beliefs and behaviours. We use a blend of best practice techniques, shared ideas, and up to date learning methodologies backed by neuroscience and evidenced based material but keep grounded in the reality of practical learning. Our learning events encourage participants to go back into their workplace and explore new opportunities for their people, the organisation and the future.